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Divorce Mediation

Mediation is a healthy alternative to aggressive court litigation. Divorcing couples can sit down together and make decisions that make sense instead of spending large amounts of money fighting over issues that can be resolved amicably. Mediation does not involve giving up your rights. Rather, it involves understanding your rights and making choices.
The Process of Mediation
I meet with both the husband and wife together, but I do not represent either party. My role is to educate both parties about their legal rights and responsibilities and to give them information about what would happen if they went to court and litigated their particular issues.
Some issues for divorcing couples are easy to resolve. For issues that are not easy, or don’t have clear answers, I give both husband and wife their best-case and worst-case scenarios.
My 28 years of experience doing litigated cases, in addition to mediation, enhances my ability to predict the outcome of litigated issues. My goal is to provide divorcing couples with a safe atmosphere to discuss and resolve difficult issues. I help them understand their legal rights and responsibilities at a minimal cost.
All of the necessary forms are filed for you, and no court appearances are required.

Marital Settlement Agreement
The marital settlement agreement spells out how you resolved your issues of custody, visitation, support, and allocation of assets, property, and debts. This agreement is prepared for you. Before that document is signed by either party, you may take it to an attorney of your choosing for a consultation.

Conflict Resolution
Focusing on conflict resolution, rather than conflict escalation, allows couples to work through the decision-making process involving asset and property division, and financial and child custody issues.
Mediation is a better choice if there are children involved. It can allow parents to make agreements without putting children in the middle or causing prolonged custody battles. This allows the healing process to begin more quickly for both parent and child.
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